Executive Committee

President (2024-2025)
Lou Clark, PhD, MFA
University of Minnesota
M Simulation, Offices of Academic Clinical Affairs
Minneapolis, MN, USA

 Past President (2024)
Shawn Galin, PhD
 University of Alabama at             Birmingham School   of Medicine
 Birmingham, AL, USA


 VP for Operations (2024-2025)
Cory Krebsbach, BFA, CHSE
 Rosalind Franklin University of   Medicine and Science 
 Chicago, IL, USA

 VP for Finance (2023-2024)
 Amber Snyder, Ed.D
 University of Pittsburgh School    of Social Work
 Manheim, PA, USA



Board of Directors

   Conference Committee 
   Jennifer L. Owens, MAed
   George Washington University             School of Medicine
   and Health Sciences

                                Washington, DC, USA


 Curriculum Development 
 & Advancement 

 Dan Brown, BA
 Emory University School of   Medicine Human Simulation   Education Center
                          Atlanta, GA, USA


 Online Learning Resources   Committee (2024-2025)
 Lisa Steele, CHSE, MPH, LVN,   DBA(c)
 Pacific Northwest University of   Health Sciences
 Yakima, WA, USA

 Grants & Research   Committee (2024-2025)
 Kuan Xing, PhD
 University of Iowa
 Iowa City, IA, USA                           Email


Member Liaison (2023-2024)
Jackie Sidle, CHSE
Harold A. Spratt Center for Simulation and Clinical Learning
Nuvance Health
Danbury, CT, USA                        Email

 International Committee 
Claudia Arancibia, MSc
  University of Chile



 Equity Diversity Inclusion &
 Social Justice Committee  

 Melinda Carriker
 Des Moines University
 Des Moines, IA, USA
                            Chicago, IL, USA              

  Membership Committee 
 Catherine Hagele, MFA, Perelman   School of Medicine at the
 Univeristy of Pennsylvania
 Philadelphia, PA, USA


 Communications & Connections   Committee 

 Samantha Syms, MS
 University of Miami Miller School of   Medicine
                          Miami, FL, USA

 Standards of Practice
 Committee (2024-2025) 
 Karen Lewis, PhD, MAEd, CHSE 
 University of Texas at Tyler Health   Science Center
 Tyler, TX, USA

  Modules Committee
  Clare Shaffer, MLA
  Prisma Health
  Upstate Simulation Center
  Greenville, SC, USA

  International Member Liaison
  Valina Peters, BA, CHSE
  Ross University School of