Board of Directors

President (2018-2020)
Valerie L. Fulmer, BA
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

President Elect (2019-2020)
Robert MacAulay, MMHPE, CHSE
UC San Diego School of Medicine
La Jolla, CA, USA


VP for Operations 
Tonya Thompson, MD, MA, FAAP, FACEP
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
                               Little Rock, AR, USA

VP for Finance (2019-2021)
Dena Higbee, EdS, MS, CHSE
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO, USA


   Conference Committee 
   Gina Shannon, MAT
   Emory University
   Atlanta, GA, USA


Educational Content Committee (2018-2020)
Howard M. Gregory II, MS 
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
                                Cleveland, OH, USA


 Educational Resources   Committee (2019-2021)
 Margaret Liu, PhD, MBA
 University of Michigan School of   Dentistry,
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Grants and Research Committee (2018-2020)
Lou Clark, PhD, MFA 
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ, USA


Member Liaison (2019-2021)
Shirley McAdam, CHSE
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT, USA

Member Liaison (2018-2020)
Stephen Charles, PhD, CHSE
Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC


International Committee 
Keiko Abe, RN, RMW, MA, PhD
Aichi Medical University 
1-1, Yazakokarimata, Nagakute-city, Aichi, 480 -1195            Japan    Email

Membership Committee 
Nita Skillman, MBA, CHSE
Elon Unversity School of Health Sciences
Elon, NC, USA

Publications Committee 

Todd Lash, MA
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, USA

   Standards of Practice
   Committee (2018-2020) 
   Holly Gerzina, PhD, MEd,         CHSE
   Northeast Ohio Medical
   Rootstown, OH, USA


Website & Social Media
Joseph M. Miller, BS
University of Minnesota, IERC & AHC Simulation Center
Minneapolis, MN, USA


  Modules Ad-Hoc Committee
  Shawn Galin, PhD
  University of Alabama at              Birmingham School of
  Birmingham, AL, USA