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Why Was ASPE's Center For SP Methodology Created?

You spoke and we heard you!

ASPE members have asked for online learning resources that support best practices in SP methodology. This curriculum should also include a knowledge-based exam designed to help measure and document a learner’s comprehension and professional development journey.

In fact, the 2018 ASPE Member Needs Assessment asked, “What benefits do you think ASPE should provide to its members that it currently does not?”  and this common theme was shared by many of you:

“Ideally there would be a defined path and certificate program for new SP Educators that could be completed at least partially online so that new members could join and work through the materials they need to start their programs and be connected to willing peer mentors.”

Based on this feedback, the ASPE Board of Directors appointed a specific task force to explore how the association could best address this member need.  The task force reviewed content and curriculum from within the association and from the field at large. It was determined that the recently developed ASPE curriculum does reflect the Standards of Best Practice and represents key cornerstones of learning around SP methodology.

With courses, lessons, and presentations being finalized, the Board of Directors is excited to announce the premier launch of the “ASPE Center for SP Methodology!”

Course One: Fundamentals for SP Methodology

Lessons Include:

  1. ASPE Standards of Best Practice: Introduction and Application

  2. History of SP Methodology

  3. Recruiting & Hiring SPs

  4. Introduction to SP Case Development

  5. Training SPs to Teach Physical Exams

  6. Teaching SPs to Deliver Feedback

  7. Training Novice SPs

  8. Writing Objectives for SP Simulations

  9. How to Construct an SP Checklist 

  10. Evaluation of SP Performance


Please Note* Your login access is the same as your ASPE Username and Password. 
Non-Member Access to Course One: Fundamentals of SP Methodology Course Content

Non-Members may purchase unlimited access to the online course content for $130.00 USD.
CLICK HERE to purchase the course content.  

Are You Ready to Take Course One: Fundamentals of SP Methodology Certificate Exam?

ASPE is pleased to provide a new certificate examination as a tangible, quality member benefit to all who desire evidence of knowledge of the ASPE lesson material and ASPE’s Standards of Best Practice (SOBP). Successful completion of the certificate exam may be added to your CV or resume as proof to institutions and other stakeholders of your mastery of basic knowledge of SP methodology and application of the SOBP specifically related to the work of SP Educators. The ASPE certificate exam is the culmination of hours of volunteer committee efforts to keep ASPE members in the forefront of the field of SP methodology.  

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