ASPE Howard Barrows Invited Presenter Award

The purpose of this award is to honor Howard Barrows and recognizes an ASPE outstanding Keynote/Plenary presenter for the support and advancement of Standardized Patient methodology or medical simulation education.

One Howard Barrows Invited Presenter can be identified at every annual conference, but it is not mandatory that there be one each year. Speakers fit at least three of these criteria

Howard Barrows Invited Presenter Award, Past Recipients

2019 Amitai Ziv, MD, MHA Sheba Medical Center
2017 Sydney Smee, PhD WeDo Projects Inc.
2016 Karen Szauter, MD, FACP University of Texas Medical Branch
2015 Pamela Andreatta University of Central Florida
2014 Debra Nestel Gippsland Medical School, Monash University
2013 Jan-Joost Rethans Maastricht University