Membership Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Membership Committee is to be in touch with the needs of ASPE members, represent the needs of the membership to the Board of Directors, and to help grow the membership of ASPE in order to propel the organization.  The committee also houses the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and participation in an ASPE SIG is one of the many benefits of membership.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

  • Gynecologic Teaching Associate (GTA)/Male Urogenital Teaching Associate (MUTA).
  • Hybrid Simulation
  • Inter-Professional Education
  • Social Justice
  • SP’s Beyond Healthcare

COMMITTEE CHAIR (2023-2024):

Catherine Hagele, MFA, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


Bethany Fearnow, CHSE, Elon School of Health Sciences/North Carolina

PAST CHAIR (2020-2021):

Kelly Branford, BA, Duke University School of Medicine Durham, NC, USA


Audrey Bobick, University of New Mexico
Judith Easley, Rowan-Virtua/New Jersey
Stephanie Etter, University of North Texas, Fort Worth
Marcy Hamburger, University of Texas, Houston
Tina Powers, AU\UGA Medical Partnership
Mitzi Scotten, NYIT Com at Arkansas State
Julie Swenson, University of South Dakota

Hybrid Simulation SIG
Carol Fleischman, Johns Hopkins

Inter-Professional Education SIG
Cassandra Konen Butler, Northeast Ohio Medical University

SP’s Beyond Healthcare SIG
Denise LaMarra, University of Pennsylvania
Shole Milos, Rush Center for Clin Skills/Chicago