In today’s evolving educational landscape, it’s important to stay connected to emerging trends and research in standardized patient education and simulation modalities. Connect with your international professional community as an ASPE member today! Our membership is tailored to meet the needs of individuals and institutions.

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Membership Fee

Members have the option of joining under an Individual Membership, an Institutional Membership, a Developing Country Membership, a Lifetime Member, or as an SP.

Individual Memberships: $160.00 USD/person per year*

Institutional Memberships: $160.00 USD/person per year. One (1) individual person registered for each membership slot (up to six individuals). The Institutional Membership is transferable within the Institution one time each dues year.  It is the responsibility of the Institution to verify the membership is eligible to be transferred and to notify ASPE in writing of the profile changes.

Developing Countries Memberships:
To be eligible for one of these membership categories, members must reside in a developing country as defined by the World Bank.  For a list of qualifying countries, click here.  

  • Group A: $135.00 USD/person per year (High-Income Economies)
  • Group B: $50.00 USD/person per year (Upper-Middle Income Economies)
  • Group C: $10.00 USD/person per year (Lower-Middle and Low-Income Economies) 

Source: World Bank; 2022 fiscal year

All current Developing Country Memberships will remain at the standing $10.00 USD/person per year unless the membership lapses beyond the renewal date. Should a membership lapse, the updated tier as stated above will take effect. 

Lifetime: $1,200.00 USD, One-time fee per individual.

SP: $75.00 USD/person per year.

*ASPE is pleased to offer discounted Individual Membership dues to current members of the association’s recognized affiliates.  If you are a current member of ASPE Affiliates, please contact one of their offices for the ASPE discount code to be entered in the payment section of the online membership application.  (Only one discount code can be applied for each dues year.)  Please note that each discount, per the individual affiliate agreement, varies. 

ASPE operates on a rolling membership year; you will be invited to renew your membership one year after joining. You will be provided with renewal notices by email 60 and 30 days prior to your renewal month.



(by joining ASPE, you agree to receive information from the association via Email. If you need to pay via check please choose the 'Invoice Me' option and an invoice and payable link will be sent to your email.)