ASPE Research and Project Awards

Every year ASPE provides incentive grants to members who propose unique research or development projects related to the use of standardized patients. Awards of up to $10,000.00 US are announced at the Annual Conference.
Past recipients have been honored with awards for research validating communications skills instruments, studying patient satisfaction data, validating training techniques in feedback and role portrayal, evaluating stealth SP projects, and studying SP recruiting and retention. Thanks to these awards, recipients have also developed tools for the SP educator such as a compendium of social histories and a web text of special effects simulation, both of which SP educators can use as they develop cases.
The overall goal of ASPE's Research/Projects Awards is to provide incentive grants to current ASPE members for unique research or development projects related to the use of Standardized Patients in the Health Sciences. Studies to identify best practices in SP methodology are particularly encouraged. Requests for Proposals are sent to the membership annually and awards are made at the Annual Conference.

 2024 ASPE Research & Project Awards

The Overall Goal of ASPE Awards:

One of ASPE's foremost goals is to provide incentive awards to current ASPE members for unique research studies or development projects that extend our knowledge about live human simulation-based education as an educational methodology.  All studies/projects must be consistent with ASPE’s mission and goals. Studies to identify best practices in SP education, novel SP use, or advances in methodology, are particularly encouraged. All proposals should adhere to the Standards of Best Practice, which was recently published.

Awards and Funding:

Research Award - Our primary award, up to $8,000 per award

Pilot Award – Established in 2017 to encourage innovative projects, up to $2,000 per award - the most significant difference between Research Awards and Pilot Awards is the scope of impact, as well as cost.

Period of Funding:                  July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2026 

Letters of Intent (LOI):            Due by Monday, March 4, 2024

Full Proposal Invitations:       Applicants will be notified by Monday, March 25, 2024

Full Proposals:                        Due by Monday, April 15, 2024

Award Notification:                 Week of May 13, 2024, by the Grants & Research Chair

Award Announcement:           Announced at the 2024 ASPE Annual Conference, being held
                                                  June 23-26, 2024, in Vancouver, British Columbia, CA



2023 Recipients:

Does Practice with Standardized Patients Improve Baccalaureate Nursing Students’ Communication with Real Patients? A Translational Study. 

Jennifer Gunberg Ross, PhD, RN, CNE, and
Gail E. Furman, PhD, RN, CHSE-A

Optimising training to include child and young SPs (CYSP) in simulation-based education for nursing students.

Dr. Andree Gamble PhD, RN, BN, MSN, PGDACN (Paediatrics), PGCPET, GCCS, GCHPE, FHEA

2021 Recipients:

Off Script: Implementing Rehearsal Methods to Enhance Engagement in Standardized Patient Encounters

Robert Kiser, CEC, CHSE, University of Illinois at Chicago
Christine Park, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago, and
Amy Binns-Calvey, Institute for Practice and Provider Performance Improvement

Developing Self-Efficacy in Breaking Bad News through a Nurse Practitioner Student Simulation-Based Workshop

Janet O'Brien, PhD, RN, CHSE,  Arizona State University, and
Erin M. Tharalson, DNP, RN, ANP-BC, CWS

2020 Recipients:

Developing and Assessing the Impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Development Training with Standardized Patients

Lou Clark, PhD, MFA, University of Minnesota and
Tamara Owens, PhD, MEd, CHSE, Howard University  

Establishing Trust with Underserved Minorities: Standardized Patient-Based Mastery Learning for Senior Medical Students

Benjamin Blatt, MD,  CHSE, George Washington University

2019 Recipients:

Impact of Applied Mindfulness Practice on Stress Management and Resiliency for Standardized Patients who Portray Emotionally Challenging Cases

Melissa A. Fisher, MD, MEd, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Transgender Health Matters Photovoice Project; Amplifying Transgender Voices Through Photography in Standardized Patient Case Development

Jenny Murphy, MPH, MSW, University of Michigan

2018 Recipients:

Simulation to Practice: Assessing the Impact of Standardized Patients on Pharmacy Students' Ability to Perform a Medical History in Practice

Tina Zerilli, PharmD, Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Long Island University 

The Experience of Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Involved as Patient Educators 

Kevin Hobbs BA, BA Spec., University of Toronto Suit 

2017 Recipients:

Using SPs to Develop Judgment of Philadelphia School Leaders

Denise LaMarra, MS, CHSE, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

A simulation for continuity in patient care

Amy Shanks, MA, University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)

2016 Recipient:

MSIGHT:  Multidisciplinary SP-based Instruction in Global Human Trafficking

Olivia Mittel, MD, University of Louisville School of Medicine

2015 Recipients:

Using Verbal Interaction Analysis to Understand Ethnicity and Gender Effects in Standardized Patient Evaluation of Medical Student Empathy.

Katherine Berg, MD, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Pennsylvania

Can We Talk? Improving Interprofessional Team Skills of Nurse-Midwifery Students and OB-GYN Residents While Enhancing the Interprofessional Simulation Skills of SP Educators.

Jane Miller, PhD, University of Minnesota

2014 Recipient:

Standardized Patients as Change Agents: Recognizing the Patient Voice in Patient Centered Communication.

Simone Brennan, MA, CHSE, Wayne State University School of Medicine

2013 Recipient:

Investigating Psychometric Properties of Scoring Based on Live Interaction and Videotaped Observation: Focusing on Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Yoon Soo Park, PhD, Department of Medical Education, Martin Hurm, MFA, Dr. Allen L. and Mary L. Graham Clinical Performance Center College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago

2012 Recipient:

Use of Standardized Patients with Disabilities in an Undergraduate Nursing Program

Suzanne C. Smeltzer, EdD, RN, FAAN (Project Director); Elizabeth Bruderle, PhD, RN; Bette Mariani, PhD, RN; Jennifer Gunberg Ross, PhD, RN; Colleen Meakim, MSN, RN; and Elizabeth Petit de Mange, PhD, MSN, NP-C, RN Villanova University College of Nursing

2011 Recipient:

Expanding Application of Standardized Patients and GTAs in Effective Sexual Assault Response Instruction:

Lisa Pompeo, MD, and Isle Polonko, University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey, and Scott George, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)

2010 Recipient:

Standardized Patients as Standardized Health Care Providers: How Valid are They?

Lisa Altshuler, PhD, and Elizabeth Kachur, PhD, Maimonides Infants and Children’s Hospital of Brooklyn (MICH)

2009 Recipients:

An International Survey to Examine Standardized Patients Use in Nursing Education

Mindi Anderson

Connecting Clinicians with Patients and Practice

Amy Flanagan Risdal

2008 Recipients:

Predictive Validity of Clinical Competency Exams

Heather Hageman

2007 Recipients:

Direct Interaction with Elders as a Standardized Patient Training Tool for the Portrayal of Cognitive Impairment

Rhonda A. Sparks, Sheila Crow, Thomas A. Teasdale, Bryan D. Struck, Robert M. Hamm, Michelle Wallace

Special Effects Simulation for the SP Educator

Karen L. Lewis, Marcy Hamburger

2006 Recipients:

External Validation of Resident Evaluation Using Stealth Standardized Patients

Antoinette F. Hood, Thomas W. Hubbard, Mark W. Scerbo, and Gayle Gliva-McConvey

Developing Evidence for the Reliability and Validity of an Instrument for SPs and Faculty to Evaluate the Communication Skills of Clinicians: the Master Interview Rating Scale

Carol A. Pfeiffer

2005 Recipients:

Collecting Patient Satisfaction Data: A Comparison of Checklists and Rating Scales at SIU School of Medicine

Linda Morrison, Mary Aiello, Terri Cameron, and Steven Verhulst

Global Assessment of Pharmacy Student Performance in an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Senior Medical Student Physician Standardized Participants
Sherry Johnson, Cindy Stowe

2004 Recipients:

Social History Compendium

Maurice S. Clifton, John F. Mahoney, and Patricia J. Campbell

Training Standardized Patients to Give Feedback to Medical Trainees: The State of the Art

Patti Hatchet

2003 Recipients:

Standardized Patients in Medical Education: Exploring the Possibilities

Karen Szauter, Judy Thornton, Martha Phipps, Hazel Smith, Jonghoon Kim

Recruitment, Retention and Training of African American, Caucasian and Latino Standardized Patients: A Collaborative Study

Mauritha Everett, John Shatzer, Rose Zaeske, Win May