The ASPE Modules Project

Program Overview

The Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) has been increasingly asked by its members and affiliates to provide lectures and/or workshops on various aspects of Standardized Patient/Participant (SP) methodology all over the world. In an effort to meet that need, in January of 2018 the ASPE Executive Committee and Board of Directors began the strategic planning process to identify and conceptualize this initiative. To that end, the ASPE Modules Project Working Group was formed.

This working group will oversee the development of stand-alone modules that can be taken to various conferences and delivered on behalf of ASPE. The modules will reflect Best Practices in the field, be linked to existing SOBP's and be reflective of regional differences as well as generally applicable to a novice audience. The Modules Project Working Groups goals are to:

  • Create a needs assessment
  • Determine the curriculum content development priorities and delivery timeline
  • Devise an application and review process for content developers 
  • Choose the content developers based on the process
  • Review and finalize the work produced
  • Devise an application and review process for content facilitators 

Curriculum Content

Based on a needs assessment, put forth by the Working Group, we were able to identify the following 10 areas of curriculum content:

  1. Case Development
  2. Developing a Checklist
  3. Training SPs (for novice SPs)
  4. Evaluation of Case Scenarios
  5. Training of SPs to Tech Physical Exams (not GTA/MUTA yet)
  6. Training SPs to Deliver Feedback
  7. Administration of Event/Design
  8. Recruiting and Hiring of SPs
  9. Evaluation of SP Performance
  10. Debriefing and De-roling of SPs

We are now soliciting Requests for Application (RFA) from the ASPE Membership to become curriculum developers.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a call for curriculum developers only at this time.  

Application Due Date: Friday, November 30, 2018
Notification of Selection: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

ASPE Member's in good standing and who are interested in developing content for the curriculum are invited to submit an application outlining their expertise and potential contribution to the curriculum.

Submit Your Application Here