2020 Modules Project Overview 

The current mission of the ASPE Modules Project is to develop individual courses or workshops on SP methodology specifically designed for presentation at institutions, organizations, and conferences on behalf of ASPE. These modules reflect standards of best practice in the field and are generally applicable to a novice audience. There was a total of 10 modules developed during the inaugural 2018-19 project cycle and the stage is now set to begin the process again for 2019-20! For more information on the 2018-19 modules developed CLICK HERE

Through curriculum development, authors will have the opportunity to educate and connect with other SP Educators around the world. This aids the developer in showcasing their knowledge and expertise as content experts in various areas of SP methodology. Actively participating at this level will positively impact an author's professional CV or resume and enhance professional development through collaboration with other ASPE members. In return, by emphasizing best practices in the industry, authors are demonstrating that ASPE has moved away from competition and towards collaboration.

There will be a contractual agreement established between authors and ASPE assuring future authorship recognition, however, final content will belong to ASPE. In an effort to assist in compensation, authors will receive a total of $1,000 per module upon completion. Authors may submit multiple curriculum abstracts both collaboratively and/or individually. Keep in mind, however, that the compensation will be paid per module and not per author.

Please note: Module development includes following specific PowerPoint and Presentation Manual guidelines. Accepted authors will be asked to provide and present a modified presentation of their module at the 2020 ASPE Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, June 7-10, 2020, USA.

About The Modules Project Committee

This Modules Committee will oversee the development of stand-alone modules that can be taken to various conferences and delivered on behalf of ASPE. The modules will reflect Best Practices in the field, be linked to existing SOBP's and be reflective of regional differences as well as generally applicable to a novice audience. The Modules Project Modules Committee goals are to:

  • Create a needs assessment
  • Determine the curriculum content development priorities and delivery timeline
  • Oversee the application and review process for content developers 
  • Choose the content developers based on the process
  • Review and finalize the work produced 

2020 Curriculum Content

Based on a needs assessment, put forth by the Modules Committee, the following nine (9) content areas have been identified as potential topics for curriculum development in this cycle. 

  1. Implicit Bias Training for SP Programs 
  2. Training SPs to Checklists and Global Rating Scales 
  3. Overview of SP Program Management 
  4. Validity and Reliability in Case Development 
  5. Creating a Safe Learning Environment 
  6. Understanding Approaches to Assessment 
  7. Setting Standards to High Stakes Assessment 
  8. Measuring and Tracking Checklist Accuracy and Inter-rater Reliability 
  9. OSCE Design, Implementation, and Blueprinting

We are soliciting "Requests for Applications" (RFA) from ASPE's Members, in good standing, who are interested in becoming a Curriculum Developer in the 2020 cycle of ASPE's Modules Project. 

Application Due Date:         Monday, December 9, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET
Notification of Selection:   Monday, January 13, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: This is a call for curriculum developers only at this time.  

ASPE Members in good standing and who are interested in developing content for the curriculum are invited to submit an application outlining their expertise and potential contribution to the curriculum.

Review Application Requirements Here
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