Modules Project Overview

The Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) has increasingly been asked by its members and affiliates to provide lectures and/or workshops on various aspects of SP methodology all over the world. In an effort to meet the ongoing curricular need, ASPE is now offering its members the opportunity to contribute to the project by serving as Curriculum Developers. 

The overarching mission of the Modules Project is to guide and evaluate the development of stand-alone courses or modules for presentation at various institutions and conferences on behalf of ASPE. These modules reflect Standards of Best Practice in the field and are generally applicable to a novice audience.

Contributing Developers, or Authors, now have the opportunity to educate and connect with other SP Educators around the world showcasing their knowledge and experience as content experts in various areas of SP methodology. Actively participating at this level of engagement will not only positively impact the author's professional CVs but it's also a platform that offers further professional development through collaboration with other ASPE Members and peers alike. In return, these Curriculum Developer's who are emphasizing best practices in the industry are also demonstrating that ASPE has moved away from competition and towards collaboration.

2019 Module Content

In the fall of 2018, ASPE made its first call for Curriculum Developers and has accepted a total of ten (10) submissions in the following eight (8) Domains.

2019 Module Domains:

  1. Recruitment and Hiring of SPs
  2. Case Development
  3. Developing a Checklist
  4. Teaching SPs to Teach Physical Exams
  5. Teaching SPs to Deliver Feedback
  6. Debriefing and De-Roling of SPs
  7. Training Novice SPs
  8. Evaluation of SP Performance

2019 Module Authors

Curriculum Developer Applications were only accepted by ASPE Members in good standing and were required to submit their CV, Biosketch, Curriculum Abstract and a Letter of Reference. 

After an extensive, blind peer review process the following Authors have accepted the invitation to develop content for this years' Module Project.

Meet the 2019 Module Authors:


 2019 Module Presentation Preview

Authors have been invited to present a modified version of their Modules at the 2019 ASPE Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, on June 7, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. We encourage all conference attendees to come and observe these presentations and offer their expertise through constructive feedback. There is no registration required to observe these presentations and participation is free to all registered ASPE conference attendees.

A schedule has been provided for you in the link below.

More information on how you and/or your institution can obtain these Modules will be announced shortly following the 2019 ASPE Annual Conference

Looking Ahead

We will have many more exciting opportunities to get involved as we hope to expand the educational content offered and develop curriculum specific programs for organizations and institutions in SP methodology across the globe.

Current Opportunities:

Reviewer – Module Abstract Submissions- Reviewers for the Module abstract submissions will provide the first line of feedback in module design. Reviewers will be asked to review the abstracts covering curriculum development and module design worksheets, which outline time parameters and any learning activities being planned. The abstract review process can be completed in a half-day time frame.

Reviewer – Module Curriculum and Presentations – Reviewers participating in this level of feedback will have the opportunity to view a module’s PowerPoint presentation and the Presenter Manual, which contains a breakdown of each slide, each activity, and detailed speaker notes. Reviewer participation at this level is vital to the quality assurance process. The curriculum review process can take between a half day up to full day to review.

Curriculum Developer –  ASPE Members participating as Curriculum Developers, or Authors, have the unique opportunity to highlight their knowledge and experience in varying areas of SP methodology. Authors are chosen through a peer-reviewed abstract submission process before engaging in actual curriculum development. Amount of time involved in module development can be significant and will vary depending on content and organization requesting course materials. Due to the amount of time involved, honorariums are offered to help compensate efforts. Curriculum materials developed, such as PowerPoints and Presenter Guides, will also undergo review. Stay in the "know" if you’re interested in submitting an abstract to the next open call for Developers.

Modules Project Working Group Committee Member – The Modules Project is a large undertaking for ASPE and requires oversight at many levels. The assembly of a working group, or committee, provides crucial insight and important discussion around policies and procedures associated with all Modules Project activities. Members of the Working Group/Committee meet approximately once a month (online) and are the first line participants in the curriculum review processes. Active engagement of the committee members is essential in the success of the project. Outside of the regularly scheduled meetings, time associated with participation will vary depending on the stage of a particular project. This is a great opportunity to assist ASPE in one of its most important tasks and learn more about our field. Join the committee and assist, behind the scenes, in exciting phases of curriculum development. 

If you're interested in becoming involved and having a voice in the sharing of best practices across the globe, we want to hear from you!