Educational Resources Committee

The Educational Resources Committee manages ASPE’s webinars, Virtual Library, and bookstore.  With the Educational Content Committee, the Educational Resources Committee contributes content to the Virtual Learning Center.  

Committee contributes content to the Virtual Learning Center.  

Committee Chair:

Margaret Liu, PhD, MBA, University of Michigan, School of Dentistry

Sub-Committee Co-Chairs:

Book Resources:
Laurie Kerns, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Teresa Britt, MSN, RN, CHSE, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Virtual Library:
Lisa Steele, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences 
Stephen Charles, East Carolina University

Educational Resources Social:
Shannon Candozza, Texas A&M University


Lezile Brooks, University of Manitoba

Julie Mack, University of Kansas

Temple West, East Virginia Medical School

Committee Goals Previous Year

  • Transition Virtual Library content to new web platform
    • A new Virtual Library process is being unveiled this week.
    • Thanks to KMG for all their help in getting this process started.
  • Streamline webinar process and transition to new subcommittee chair.
    • Margaret Liu is still continuing to be the Webinar Chair and she has worked with KMG to streamline the webinar process. We have presented 8 webinars this year.
    • You Tube channel to host past ASPE Webinars is active.
  • Transition to a new subcommittee chair for the book resource
    • Nita Skillman and Teresa Britt are co-chairs for this committee.

Committee Goals Upcoming Year

  • We continue to explore different methods to provide relevant resources to our ASPE members. One of the new initiatives that we hope to launch in Fall 2019 is the Book Café, an online discussion forum, spearheaded by Laurie Kerns, Teresa Britt and Temple West, to bring potentially useful book resource to our ASPE members. Additionally, the Book Resource subcommittee is responsible for shortlisting a quality SP educator literature at the annual ASPE conference.
  • Virtual Library (VL) is under construction. We are overhauling the VL to develop infrastructures that streamline the online search process, the VL submission process and the organization of currently VL materials. Lisa Steele took over from Stephen Charles to serve as the VL Subcommittee chair, oversee this huge project.
  • Continue to explore webinar topics that are relevant to member needs. The transition of the webinar duty to the new webinar subcommittee chair.
  • Collaborate with other committees in ASPE such as Website and Social Media Committee, publication committee, Conference committees to launch new resource initiatives during the ASPE Annual conference. The collaboration with these committees, along with the Educational Content Committee, aims to maximize educational resources for ASPE members in the coming year.