Virtual Library

The Virtual Library is your source for many of the essentials tools needed for Standardized Patient and simulation work. To view this material, click here to login or sign-up if you are not yet a member.

Resources available include:

Document Resource Bank

This includes many downloadable documents created and submitted by fellow ASPE members. You will find examples of forms, descriptions of common practices and written policies on program administration, assessment of students, and training of Standardized Patients.

Current Literature

Much work is being done in the field of simulation. To help members keep up with the latest scholarly work and resources, ASPE offers two avenues. First, a bibliography compiled from a systematic literature of publications related to standardized patient methodology, and second, a database of self-reported publications from ASPE members.

Books and Reviews

We have a list of books that members have recommended and found useful in their research and practice. The ASPE Bookstore at our convention is an opportunity to look over some of the old standards and new publications. If you have found a book or a particular chapter that has been most helpful, please share your thoughts with [email protected].

Moulage and Special Effects

This is where members can find step-by-step instructions for simulating trauma and diseases that can be used to make SP cases more realistic.


Here members can find and search all back issues of the ASPE Quarterly and more recent copies of the ASPE News.

Common Terminology and Glossary

This site provides occupational interviews designed to aid the creation of standardized patient cases. Writing cases is a time-consuming process. While the medical details can be composed based on a real patient case, it is often key details about a patient's life, including vocational history, that are difficult and time consuming to create. Often, the vocation is related in some way to a piece of the social history (an attorney who drinks too much) that may not be based on reality. However, these details are also what make the case come alive, and make the experience as true-to-life as possible. The goal of this project is to provide true-to-life social histories which can be used as the backbone for the development of a new case.

ASPE Social History Compendium

MedEdPORTAL is ASPE’s official case resource. They house a wide-ranging library of cases and case-related materials. An ASPE representative sits on the board of the Submission Committee and anyone is welcome to join. Cases can also be found in ASPE’s Document Resource Bank.