Books and Reviews

This area contains a list of member recommended books that have been found useful in research and practice. Member book reviews will also be published here.

Here are some important resources in the field written by ASPE members or the inventor of standardized patient methodology, Howard Barrows.

Training Standardized Patients to Have Physical Findings by Howard S. Barrows (1999) Southern Illinois U

Stimulated Recall (Personalized Assessment of Clinical Reasoning by Howard S. Barrows (2000) Southern Illinois U.

Assessment in Health Professions Education by Stephen Downing and Rachel Yudkowsky (2009) Routledge.

Recruitment, Retention, and Training of African American and Latino Standardized Patients: A Collaborative Study by Mauritha R. Everett, Win May, Carolyn Tressler Nowels, Deborah S. Main.

Quality of Standardized Patient Research Reports in the Medical Education Literature: Review and Recommendations by Lisa Howley, Karen Szauter, Linda Perkowski, Maurice Clifton, Nancy McNaughton. Medical Education 2008; 42(4):350-358.