Modules Project Ad Hoc Committee

Modules Project Overview

The Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) has increasingly been asked by its members and affiliates to provide lectures and/or workshops on various aspects of SP methodology all over the world. In an effort to meet the ongoing curricular need, ASPE is now offering its members the opportunity to contribute to the project by serving as Curriculum Developers. 

The overarching mission of the Modules Project is to guide and evaluate the development of stand-alone courses or modules for presentation at various institutions and conferences on behalf of ASPE. These modules reflect Standards of Best Practice in the field and are generally applicable to a novice audience.


Erin Siebers, MS, Maine Health, Portland, ME, USA  

Committee Members

Cory Krebsbach
Tonya Thompson
Clare Shaffer
Dyan Colpo
Monina Franco-Tantuico
Tara Edmonds
Paula Carson

What We Do

The Modules Project is a large undertaking for ASPE and requires oversight at many levels. The assembly of a working group, or committee, provides crucial insight and important discussion around policies and procedures associated with all Modules Project activities. Members of the Working Group/Committee meet approximately once a month (online) and are the first line participants in the curriculum review processes.

Active engagement of the committee members is essential in the success of the project. Outside of the regularly scheduled meetings, time associated with participation will vary depending on the stage of a particular project. This is a great opportunity to assist ASPE in one of its most important tasks and learn more about our field. Join the committee and assist, behind the scenes, in exciting phases of curriculum development. 


  • Vision into Reality- Curriculum Development
  • Addressing ever-growing need of ASPE to provide curricular content on SP methodology.


  • To guide and evaluate the development of stand-alone courses or modules for ASPE members and for presentation across the globe on behalf of ASPE.
  • Modules reflect Standards of Best Practice in our field.