ASPE Awards Given at the 2023 Conference

By: Amy Rush and Mary Launder

During the past year, many people contributed to the work of ASPE and our profession in several ways. At the 2023 ASPE Conference, we recognized some of these contributions with two award ceremonies.

On Tuesday, June 6, after our lunch session, the winners of the Emerging Leader Award and the ASPE SP Educator of the Year were announced. Eligible ASPE members are nominated by colleagues and coworkers and the nomination committees hold a standard, fair, and inclusive selection process.

ASPE Emerging Leader Award
The ASPE Emerging Leader Award was presented by last year's award recipient, Amber Snyder, Ed.D.
This award is to someone who has made significant contributions at the ASPE conference and ASPE committee(s) and is recognized as an up-and-coming leader in the profession. To be eligible for the award the nominee must meet these requirements:

  • Be an active member of ASPE;
    Have been involved in SP education/training for less than ten (10) years;
    Have made significant contributions to the ASPE community at ASPE conferences; and
    Have made contributions to an ASPE committee.

Kerensa Peterson, MFA, MS, was the recipient of the 2023 ASPE Emerging Leader Award. Kerensa is the Standardized Patient Program, Director of Operations at the Center for Simulated Patient Care at University of California, Riverside School of Medicine. She was described by award nominees as, “Poised to be a superstar in the world of medical education” and that all of her work is “anchored in passion for quality and consistency toward improving education that is rooted in compassion and empathy.” It was noted that for many years, Kerensa has spent time behind the camera at ASPE conferences, capturing our achievements and joy and that it was nice to have her in front of us, as we honored her and the work she has done for our organization. During her speech, Kerensa reminded us that we are a force of support for one another.

ASPE Outstanding SP Educator of the Year Award
This was presented by last year's award recipient, Dena Higbee, EdS, CHSE.
The award is decided upon by a committee of former recipients who are selected by the president of ASPE. Past recipients of the Outstanding Educator Award have been involved in human simulation education for more than seven years, have made significant contributions to the community, and are recognized as leaders within their own institution, the community, and in national and international organizations.
To be eligible for the award the nominee must:

  • Be an active member of ASPE;
    Have been involved in SP education/training for ten (10) or more years;
    Have made a significant contribution to the SP community by providing professional development and/or guidance to newcomers in the field; and
    Be recognized as a leader by working with varying levels of faculty within one's own institution, the SP community, and in national or international organizations (ASPE, AAMC, CAME, NBME, ECFMG, SSH, INACSL, AMEE, SESAM, ASPiH, etc).

Carrie A. Bohnert, MPA, CHSE was the recipient of the 2023 ASPE Outstanding SP Educator of the Year Award. Carrie is the director of the SP Program at University of Louisville School of Medicine. An award nominee said about Carrie that she “will lift you up while keeping you grounded.” She has enthusiastically mentored new SP Educators, champions SP methodology, pushes our field with new research and innovation. An active member of ASPE since 2008, she has had leadership on many committees. Carrie has done groundbreaking work on SP methodology for human trafficking education and underrepresented populations. Carrie said that ASPE conferences are a place of connection and community – she calls it summer camp. She remarked that a conference is the best professional development we can get.

Congratulations to both annual award winners!

On Wednesday, June 7 after the closing plenary we learned the names of the poster winners.

Poster Winners
The Grants and Research Committee (G&R) sponsors the poster awards.
Posters are judged based on objective criteria (such as visual appeal, clarity, and significance to SP methodology and ASPE’s mission).

1st prize:
Using GTA’s to Train Radiology Residents and Improve Confidence and Comfort with Hysterosalpinography and Sonohysterography
Jackie Sidle, John Leopold

Runner up:
Using Poverty Simulation to Increase Understanding of Social Determinants of Health and Quality of Role Portrayal in SPs
Rachel Burton, Brad Hauck

Runner up:
The Impact of SPs To Prepare and Train Emergency Professionals For Advanced Life Support Medical Challenges
Samantha Syms, Amanda Fernandez-Acosta, Javier Cabrera, Evelyn Anzardo

Congratulations to all the winners!

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