Removing Race from Diagnosing Kidney Disease and Addressing Health Inequities

By: Anthony E. Tuggle, NFK National Board Chair
Submitted by: Kerensa Peterson, University of California Riverside

After a recent discussion with faculty about the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), I received the latest monthly newsletter from the US National Kidney Foundation. In the newsletter, there was a piece highlighting a joint task force that was formed by the NKF and ASN in 2020 to reassess the inclusion of race in the diagnosis of kidney disease. “Both organizations have repeatedly asserted that race, is a social, not a biological, construct.”

The article reports on the task force recommendations and highlights new eGFR Calculators and an app! There’s also more information available about the newly formed Health Equity Advisory Committee (HEAC).

Read the full article in the National Kidney Foundation Newsletter.

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