2021 ASPE Awards Ceremony

Submitted by: Mary Launder, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2021 ASPE Conference. What a special conference this year, it had so much depth and heart! One way this depth of extraordinary work and contributions given to the ASPE community are highlighted is through the annual awards presented to those outstanding members who serve the ASPE community. Eligible ASPE members are nominated by colleagues and coworkers and the nomination committees hold a standard fair and inclusive process. The awards ceremony started with the ASPE Emerging Leader Award which recognizes an ASPE member who has “worked in human simulation for less than seven years, made significant contributions at the ASPE conference and ASPE committees, and [are] recognized as up-and-coming leaders in the profession.” The award was presented to Cory Krebsbach.

Cory hails from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, Department of Healthcare Simulation and is the Assistant Director, Standardized Patient Program at the North Chicago, IL Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare. Cory’s colleagues and coworkers recognize him as someone who is enthusiastic, passionate, gets along and works well with others, is caring and compassionate, and is able to meet the challenges any position holds. Cory’s work with ASPE includes: elected ASPE Member Liaison January 2021, ASPE Board of Directors, and a key role in development, oversight and launching the SP Center for Methodology.


The ASPE SP Educator of the Year Award recognizes an ASPE member who has been involved in SP education/training for more than ten (10) years; Has made a significant contribution to the SP community by providing professional development and/or guidance to newcomers in the field; and is recognized as a leader by working with varying levels of faculty within their own institution, the SP community, and in national or international organizations

The award was presented by last year's recipient Dr Tamara Owens, who was proud to announce that there were “three outstanding, phenomenal, groundbreaking educators, who we are pleased to share with you tonight!”

Valerie Fulmer is the Director of the Standardized Patient Program at The University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine. She has been a member of ASPE since 2005 and has received five outstanding innovations/research awards.  Valerie has given over 60 presentations and workshops worldwide, mentored novices in the field, served on many committees with leadership roles such as Editor in Chief for the ASPE news publication, Chair of the Publications Committee and served as ASPE President 2019-2020 term. Valerie is well respected by all. She has a deep passion and pride for this work and a personal commitment and belief in this organization. To quote Dr Owens “She wants it to be all that it can be.”

Denise LaMarra is the Director of the Standardized Patient Program at the Perelman School of Medicine. She has been a member of ASPE since 2001, a program director for 15 years, has achieved her CHSE certification and in 2015, achieved center accreditation. Denise is a strong advocate for SP methodology and consistently presents her work in SP methodology globally. She has also co-authored numerous publications as well as ASPE book chapters. Her scholarly work is broad and content includes: palliative care, IPE, surgical pathways..., just to name a few. She received the 2017 ASPE Research Award Grant which helped to fund her project, Using SPs to Develop Judgement of School Leaders". She has mentored many novices and her framework for this mentorship is “sharing the lessons learned.”

Meghana Sudhir is the Simulation Educator at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is certified CHSE and went on to receive the Advanced certification. Meghana is the first SP Educator in her region and has made major contributions to SP methodology for more than 10 years. One of her many contributions was pioneering the SP Program setting it up as a formal program in the United Arab Emirates. Meghana also established the SP Foundations Certificate Program in the Middle East. She consistently presents at global conferences and has many certifications and publications which demonstrate her dedication and commitment to the simulation field and SP methodology. To quote Dr. Owen “she is an individual who has broken many glass ceilings not only in her region but is doing so across the world and she is only getting started.”

Grants and Research Poster Awards

●          The Grants and Research Committee (G&R) Sponsors the Poster Awards in Two categories: Innovation and Research. Posters are judged based on objective criteria (such as visual appeal, clarity, and significance to SP methodology and ASPE’s mission)

Poster Award - Best in Innovation:
SP Simulation and Debriefing: What Works?
Authors: Joanne M Baird, Jean Prast, Maureen Hoppe, Tracy Van Oss, Audrey L Zapletal

Poster Award - Best in Research:
Simulated Participants Lived Experience of Representing Illness
Authors: Linda Ni Chianain, Jenny L Johnston, Gerry J Gormley

ASPE Scholar Certificate
●          ASPE Scholars complete the required Basic of Scholarship session, as well as requirements in qualitative and/or quantitative measurement and electives, either from the ASPE conference itself or relevant, comparable content from other conferences.

Scholar Certificate 2020-21 Awardees
Janet O’Brien, Arizona State University

The awards ceremony was held on the last day of this virtual conference. What a great way to end the conference, celebrating our peers and colleagues!!  Celebrating the obstacles that we’ve overcome and challenges we’ve met and that the ASPE community is strong and we keep moving forward to achieve the highest standards of best practice!

You may view the awards ceremony in its entirety via ASPE’s Center for SP Methodology, available until Sept. 27, 2021. You may also view on Facebook.

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