Twelve Tips on How to Provide Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) Enhanced Feedback on Clinical Performance

Lead Author: Heather Leggett
Submitted by: Kathy Herzberger, Loma Linda School of Medicine

As someone who is always open to new ideas that enhance my feedback skills, I found this article on providing feedback utilizing a 12-step process that encourages self-regulated learning thought-provoking. The comparisons between types of learners is particularly interesting. As the authors state, the provision of self-regulated learning (SRL) enhanced feedback on performing clinical skills and making a clinical diagnosis recognizes the importance of feedback. In contrast to the broader concept of self-directed learning, SRL has a specific focus on the individual learner’s approach to achieve a task, including their planning, self-monitoring, and future adaptations. The key SRL processes can be identified using structured microanalysis during the clinical task and feedback using the tips outlined in this article. It is essential that SRL enhanced feedback is integrated with best practices on providing feedback to ensure that its potential is achieved.

Read the full article in Medical Teacher here

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