In Transition: The Transgender Community Waits for Healthcare to Catch Up

By: Jessica Santina
Submitted by: Loic Simard-Villeneuve, McGill University

A group of first-year medical students sits before a panel of invited guests. It’s part of a daylong Practice of Medicine workshop focused entirely on LGBTQIA health care. The first panelist, a transgender woman, starts things off. "How many of you," she begins, scanning the room, "have had to call at least a dozen different doctors’ offices just to see if anyone would even take someone like you as a patient?"

The room falls silent. Students look uncomfortably around the room. The importance of this dedicated day of learning has already hit home for these aspiring physicians-to-be. It’s a glimpse into a nationwide epidemic: the gaping disparity between the number of transgender individuals who need health care and the number of providers who can and will care for them knowledgeably and respectfully.

Read the full article in the Nevada Today here.

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