General Interest: Why Doctors Are Running Out Of Empathy: Inside the “Sickness-Billing Industrial Complex”

General Interest:  Why Doctors Are Running Out Of Empathy:  Inside the “Sickness-Billing Industrial Complex”
Lead author:  Alex Mohseni
Submitted by:  Dyan Colpo, Cleveland Clinic, Simulation and Advanced Skills Center

Walking up to the door of the waiting room, I knew what lay behind it. The gnawing torment would start the day before, or sometimes two days prior. Three parts nausea, two parts dread, and a dash of anxiety — the recipe was always the same. Just add an organic grass-fed doctor, and you have yourself a nice little snack for the healthcare system to chew up and unceremoniously spit out.

This is my story: a successful emergency medicine physician by external parameters, but internally strained. The person who came out of residency — a supremely confident physician ready to take on the world — would never recognize himself 11 years later. My experiences in our healthcare system transformed me, and my story is not unique. There is a sickness that permeates our medical providers within our healthcare system: it is as easy to catch as influenza and as hard to treat. 

Read the full story in Medium Health here.

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