The ASPE Standards of Practice are Live!

The ASPE Standards of Practice are Live!
By: Karen Lewis, Standards of Practice Committee Chair

If you attended the ASPE Annual Conference, you know there was a lot of excitement about the announcement that the ASPE Standards of Best Practice (SOBP) were about to be published. The Standards of Practice Committee is thrilled to announce that the standards are now live at the Advances in Simulation website. You can read them here.

Over the past 3½ years, ASPE members from around the world have contributed to the development of this work. The standards were written to ensure the growth, integrity and safe application of SP-based education practices. The result is a publication landmark for the SP educator and SP professions. The standards identify five domains: safe work environment; case development; SP training for role portrayal, feedback, and completion of assessment instruments; program management, and professional development. The domains are divided into principles which are elucidated by key practices that offer practical guidelines for desired outcomes and safe simulation practices.

At a programmatic level, The SOBP provide new SP programs a place to start and existing SP programs opportunities to grow. Professionally, they validate our work by recognizing SP educators and SPs as major contributors to the simulation education field, and they provide guidance on constructing SP educator professional development programs. In our daily practice, they provide support for why we do things the way we do--the time we spend on training SPs, the money we spend on running  SP programs, the efforts we make to protect the psychological and physical safety of SPs. Significantly, they give us permission to challenge activity requests that do not meet the standards.

We wanted to publish the SOBP in Advances in Simulation because it is an open access journal. No one needs a membership or a library affiliation to access them, so SP educators and SPs around the world can read them anytime, anywhere.

HenrikeHolzer reports that she has already applied them in response to faculty about some SP activity requests. We encourage you to use them in your practice to support the work you do. Share this link with your colleagues, chairs, deans, and SPs. Then report back to us. Let us know how you are using them and how they affect your work either through this blog or through e-mail.

ASPE Standards of Practice Committee: Karen Lewis, Carrie Bohnert, HenrikeHolzer, Cathy Smith, Tonya Thompson, Amelia Wallace

Publications Committee Mission:“To bring high quality reporting of current research, trends, techniques and information regarding SP methodology and other relevant industry articles to the attention of the membership through the web-based ASPE eNews blog.”

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