Using Simulation to Enhance Education Regarding Epidural Analgesia for Registered Nurses

Lead author: Monakshi Sawhney
Submitted by: Janice Radway, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Registered nurses (RNs) receive didactic training regarding caring for patients receiving epidural analgesia. Although RNs are tested on their knowledge after this training, their ability to critically think through adverse events has not been assessed at this institution. The aim of this study was to examine the feasibility and effectiveness of simulation education for RNs regarding the assessment and management of patients receiving epidural analgesia. The study included an education intervention, which consisted of a 4-hour workshop. After obtaining informed consent, RNs completed a pre-workshop evaluation of skill performance where they completed an OSCE in which they demonstrated an epidural assessment of a standardized patient. RNs then completed a demographic and knowledge questionnaire followed by a lecture. The results of this study indicate that the use of an instructional module using SPs is a feasible approach for RNs to learn the safe care of individuals receiving epidural analgesia.

Learn more about the study here.

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