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Original Content: Interview with Johns Hopkins’ Towanda Underdue about Setting Boundaries with SPs on Social Media

By Dan Brown, Emory University

At the 2020 ASPE virtual conference, Towanda Underdue, an SP Educator at Johns Hopkins Medicine and an ASPE member since 2016, presented a Snapshot titled Setting Boundaries: What SP’s Should Not Say at Work or Post on Social Media. I reached out to her via email for an interview.

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An Unintended Learner

By Jeffrey N. Siegelman, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Emory University
Submitted by: Dan Brown, Emory University

A baby boy was born. In the ensuing days, the post-partum mother developed edema as her blood pressure rose. Then came headaches. As the mother inched towards eclampsia, her liver and brain began to suffer. This was the setting for a simulation case designed to assess Emergency Medicine residents’ performance in decision-making, care, and communication with a postpartum patient in the emergency department. I never thought its impact would reach as far as it did.

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My Covid-19 Story from the SP Point of View

By: Johnnie Anderson
Submitted by: Kerensa Peterson, NBOME

Q: How has your experience as an SP changed since the pandemic? I miss seeing, sharing ideas and just talking with fellow SPs and working face-to-face with the SP educators, medical students and professionals.
Q: Have you had to look for other work? If so, what are you doing? I’m so grateful for what’s happening now.  Prior to the pandemic, I was teaching dance fitness in addition to SP work. At the inception of the Stay-at-Home orders and social distancing requirements, I put the creative juices to work after determining what brings me pleasure and fulfillment. Facilitating dance fitness was near the top of the list. Although, I was teaching in-person prior to and at the time the pandemic hit, I researched and decided to offer online classes. I’m so grateful for facilitating 3 classes a week plus occasional customized group classes via Zoom! Participation has been great. There’s a fee for each class, but I also offer “or pay what you can if you can” option. I want anyone who’d like to engage in a dynamic fitness program that’s truly good for the mind, body and spirit to join in.

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Introduction to New Blog Series: Voices of the SPs During the Pandemic

Submitted by: Kerensa Peterson, NBOME

We, as SP Administrative Directors and Educators, have been so busy.  We’re engaged in trying to keep our programs running, reshaping the educational and technical frameworks of what we do and how we do it, and navigating social injustices and political pressures throughout the pandemic.  It’s been difficult to find moments to just pause and breathe.  As our field began taking that first collective breath, I found I was missing the voice of our SPs who have been absent from our daily work.  No longer passing them in our centers and chatting with them regularly, I longed to hear from them.

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