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ASPE Conference 2019 By the Numbers

By: Todd Lash, Publications Committee Chair

The annual ASPE Conference, “Small World, Big Ideas,” will be held in Orlando, FL, from Friday, June 7 – Tuesday, June 11. Each year we like to summarize some numbers to demonstrate the diversity in program offerings.

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Fighting Fake Medical News

By: Lindsay Kalter
Submitted by: Joe Miller, University of Minnesota

Medical misinformation is responsible for the largest measles outbreak in a quarter century. Here’s what academic medicine is doing to help physicians and students develop the skills they need to combat it. Joseph Hill, MD, PhD, chief of cardiology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, has experienced firsthand a problem most doctors will eventually face: the consequences of bad medical information.

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How to Talk about Yourself in the Best Possible Way

By: Julie Zhou
Submitted by: Valerie Fulmer, President, ASPE

No one wants to hear you talk about yourself all day long. I can’t stand arrogant people. Ugh, that humblebrag is so obvious. Sound familiar? Growing up, these sentiments were constant choruses in my household. If I boasted to a friend about acing a test (“SO easy!”) and was within earshot of my mom, I was sure to see her shake her head with the deep disappointment of a thousand Chinese ancestors bearing witness to my transgression of Confucian humility…

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Ohio State Active Shooter Drill Also Trains Medical Students for Mass Casualties

By: Geoffrey Redick
Submitted by: Todd Lash, Publications Committee Chair

At a school that's already seen weapon-wielding attackers, active shooter drills are not uncommon. The Ohio State University's College of Medicine has also staged its own educational mass casualty events in the past, with actors wearing fake blood and simulating dangerous situations. The latest active shooter drill held Wednesday was different: medical students and residents became the simulated victims, and caregivers, all at once — while facing down an actual gunman shooting loud, blank rounds from a handgun.

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7 Practical Tips to Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence via Medical Simulation

By: Matthew Charnetski, MSMS, NRP
Submitted by: Valerie Fulmer, President, ASPE

Emotional intelligence is typically developed over time with extensive introspection, so consider these 7 tips to get started and demonstrate emotional intelligence via medical simulation on day one. Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been a buzzword and hot topic in leadership and management for several years now. There are books and blogs, seminars and workshops; and for every different method of learning about EI, the final message is to keep practicing. This is completely true. However, sometimes one needs to demonstrate a little EI before they’ve had enough time to practice. Just as importantly, some elements of EI can be accomplished without years of practice and might buy a little extra space and performance in order to be able to keep building up the more nuanced areas of this valuable set of tools. Read on for 7 practical tips to start being emotionally intelligent!

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