In the Spotlight: University of Chile – Faculty of Medicine
Center Spotlight

In the Spotlight: University of Chile – Faculty of Medicine

Submitted By: Claudia Arancibia

Full Center Name: Centro de Habilidades Clínicas (Clinical Skills Center)


Center Location: Santiago, Chile

Year Opened: 2011

Center Mission Statement: To promote, develop, and research innovative methodologies, with emphasis on simulation, to benefit the teaching-learning process of clinical and surgical skills, and to contribute to the training of the health team, following the purpose of the Faculty of Medicine.

Learner Groups Supported

  • Medical Students and Practitioners
  • Medical Technology Students
  • Nursing Students and Nurses
  • Nutrition Students
  • Obstetrics Students
  • Occupational Therapy Students
  • Physical Therapy Students
  • Speech & Language Therapy Students

Is there a GTA/MUTA program?


Center Name By the Numbers:

  • Critical Care Room: 1
  • Exam Room: 24
  • Do the counseling/exam Rooms have 1-way mirrors? Some with, some without
  • Recording System: Yes
  • Employees/Staff of Center or Program (excluding SP): 11
  • Staff Managing SP Program: 1
  • Number of SPs: 26

Please direct any questions about the University of Chile Clinical Skills Center to Claudia Arancibia [email protected].

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