Let’s Talk about Sex(ual Hx Taking), Constructive Feedback, and SPs!
This workshop will be limited to 20 participants, if you’d like to attend, please be sure to purchase your ticket as soon as possible!

Speaker: Lou Clark, PhD, MFA

Do you feel uncertain when coaching SPs to provide constructive feedback to learners on sexual history taking? Wondering how to incorporate pronouns into the process? How is gender identity different from sexual orientation? This active workshop will support participants in exploring these topics and more, as well as gaining confidence in coaching SPs to portray and provide feedback to learners on sexual history taking skills. This advanced work will be rooted in some core concepts on coaching SPs to provide constructive verbal feedback to learners.

Join ASPE President-Elect Dr. Lou Clark and friends for this dynamic train the trainer workshop drawing on her work teaching advanced communication skills to health sciences students, years of experience coaching SPs to provide constructive verbal and written feedback to learners and lived experience as a member of the LGBTQIA2s+ community.


Critical Race Theory and Your SP Program: Using Social Science Theory to Examine Policies, Principles, and Practices
This workshop will be limited to 20 participants, if you’d like to attend, please be sure to purchase your ticket as soon as possible!

Speaker: Carrie Bohnert, MPA, CHSE

Developing inclusive simulation programs requires deep reflection on our policies, principles, and practices.  In this session, you’ll learn how to answer the question “what is critical race theory?” and describe its relevance to your simulation practice.  As a group, we will use discussion, readings, videos, music, and art to establish a shared understanding of critical race theory and related social science theories.  We will use that shared understanding to examine and revise sample policies, principles, and practices.  You will leave this session with concrete examples to take back to your home program or institution.


Active Listening: Beyond the Smile and the Nod

Speaker: Grace Gephardt, M Ed, CHSE

Simulationists often provide opportunities for learners to improve their active listening skills. We know that good listening supports safety, improves team dynamics and positively impacts the patient’s experience. What we might not realize is that we use these same listening skills in our own daily work, using them to promote our programs and support organizational priorities not directly related to simulation.  This interactive session will provide attendees an opportunity to hone their skills of reflection and self-observation while considering ways that their communication expertise might be useful to other groups and audiences within their organizations.


The Power of Play: Your Improv Toolkit for SP Training

Speaker: Belinda Fu, MD

Step into this interactive workshop to learn new methods of engagement that can be incorporated into your SP training practices. In this session, join Briana Tierno, Dan Sipp, John-Michael Maury, and Belinda Fu as these four Medical Improv Collaborators take you on a dynamic (and playful!) learning journey, covering topics such as emotional attunement, deep listening, and heightened awareness. Participants will experience interactive exercises that exemplify how improvisation can be utilized as an applied art within SP Education. Building on the insights learned in the Tuesday plenary with Belinda Fu, MD, each participant will gain a deeper understanding of the value of incorporating improv skills and techniques into their SP training.