2022 ASPE Virtual Conference Extension Package 

No need to miss out! ASPE recognizes not everyone was able to travel or felt an in-person conference was the best option for them at this time, so we are pleased to offer an alternative conference experience. The package content is listed below and will be available until September 26, 2022

  • Access to pre-recorded presentations  (including all poster presentations and selected committee, SIG, affiliate presentations)
  • Access to professional recordings of the Plenary Sessions and eight additional presentations (Note: presentations have already been designated and include a variety of content and themes; please see the list below for specific details):
    • Monday – June 27, 2022 Content:
      • Snapshot Group A (3 presentations; 60 min total)
      • Snapshot Group F (3 presentations; 60 min total)
    • Tuesday – June 28, 2022 Content:
      • Growing and Sustaining an Effective SP Pool (60 min)
      • Beyond Step 2 CS: Multi-institutional Collaborations in Clinical Skills Assessment (90 min)
      • How Simulated Patients Contribute to Meaningful Student Learning in an Authentic Way: A Qualitative Study (60 min)
      • Developing Trauma-Informed Teaching Models for Gynecologic and Urogenital Clinical Skills Training (60 min)
    • Wednesday – June 29, 2022 Content:
      • SP Professional Development: Using an Online Poverty Simulation to Inform Case Portrayal (60 min)
      • Guidelines for Publications: Are We Following Our Own Recommendations? (60 min)
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PLEASE NOTE: This is only if you have not already registered for in-person conference registration, if you have an in-person registration access is already included.

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