Educational Content Committee

The Educational Content Committee delivers content on SP methodology to ASPE members and affiliate organizations through the Core Curriculum subcommittee, the International Conference Presentations subcommittee, and the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

  • SPs Beyond Healthcare
  • Hybrid Simulation
  • Inter-Professional Education
  • Administration/Logistics
  • Gynecologic Teaching Associate (GTA)/Male Urogenital Teaching Associate (MUTA). 

With the Educational Resources Committee, the Educational Content Committee contributes content to the Virtual Learning Center.



Howard Gregory: Committee Chair, Educational Content, Case Western Reserve University

Amelia Wallace: Chair, Core Curriculum Subcommittee, Eastern Virginia Medical School

CarineLayat-Burn: Chair, International Conference Subcommittee, Haute Ecole Arc

Samantha Maloney: Chair, GTA/MUTA SIG, Clinical Practice Resources

Carol Fleishman: Chair, Hybrid Simulation SIG, Johns Hopkins University

Dawn Shocken: Chair, Interprofessional Education SIG, University of South Florida

Denise Lamarra: Co-Chair, SPs Beyond Healthcare SIG, University of Pennsylvania

Kerry Knickle: Co-Chair, SPs Beyond Healthcare SIG, Michener Institute of Education at UHN

Committee Goals Previous Year

  • Ongoing Development of Educational Modules
    • Foundations for SP Educators 1 – Essential Practices
    • Foundations for SP Educators 2 – Best Practices in Administration
  • Identify and Mentor Vice-Chair
    • Howard Gregory
  • Reframe Identify of Educational Content as it relates to ASPE membership and SIGs
    • Unified interest to explore educational principles as they relate to ASPE content

Committee Goals Upcoming Year

  • Continued Educational Module Development
  • Webmodule Development
  • Develop Best Practices for Content Development


Amber Walton, Upstate Medical University

Win May, University of Southern California

Gayle Gliva-McConvey, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Cathy Smith, University of Toronto

Carrie Bohnert, University of Louisville


Members of the International Committee


Dena Higbee, University of Missouri

Carine Layat-Burn, Haute-École Arc

Lorraine Lyman, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Diana Tabak, University of Toronto


DyanColpo, Cleveland Clinic

Carol Fleishman, Johns Hopkins University

Steve Harris, Upstate Medical University

Christine Mallar, Maine Medical Center

Michael Orfanos, University of Arkansas

Jennifer Owens, George Washington University

Amber Walton, Upstate Medical Unibersity


Stephen Charles, Eastern Carolina University

Magda Oxendine, University of South Florida


Amber Walton, Upstate Medical University

Andrea Creel, Uniformed Services University

Carol Fleishman, Johns Hopkins University

Carol Pfeiffer, Universityof Connecticut

Cassandra Konen, NEOCOM

Cate Nicholas,Universityof Vermont

Christine Mallar, Maine Medical Center

Cindy Bartman, Grand Valley State University

Dawn Schocken,Universityof South Florida

Nancy Heine, Loma Linda University

Jamie Pitt, Washington University St. Louis

Jan M Stawniak, Creighton University

Jim Power,University of Texas, HSC McGovern

Laura Skaug, Vanderbilt University

Leanne Palmer, Indiana University

Lorena Dobbie,University of Toronto

Marcy Hamburger,University of Texas HSC

Marri Kernaghan,University of Texas HSC

Marsha Yelen, Northwestern University

Mary Hendershott, Midwestern University


Isle Polonko, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers

Jim Sandloop, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Chelsea Smith, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Scott George, Clinical Skills USA

Liz Ohle, Memorial University

Romy Vargas, Tulane University

Rachel Silverman, Fern Street Consulting

Chantel Liggett, Project Prepare

Holly Hopkins,University Michigan

Chelsea Knutson, Texas A&M

Sharon Colbert,University of Missouri

Kristen Benson, Northwestern University, University Illinois – Chicago, University of Chicago

Rose Zaeske, Johns Hopkins University